Commercial Payments and Level 3 Processing

What is Level 3 Processing? Level 3 processing is a set of specific additional line-item detail data (item descriptions, quantities, tax detail, etc.) that both VISA and MasterCard like to receive on business type transactions along with the required standard … Continue reading

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7 New Social Media Tools You Should Know About

Social media marketing is still in its early stages as far as being used as a business tool. There is no exact formula to follow that will make the results businesses seek happen automatically. Social media marketing is a progressive … Continue reading

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Why WordPress?

WordPress is Popular It is estimated that about 25% of all websites are hosted on the WordPress platform. There are pros and cons to each website platform that is available.  Let’s take a look at our opinion of WordPress. WordPress … Continue reading

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What is my IP and how do I filter it in Google Analytics

One common task Google Analytics users tend to forget to do is filter out their own internal traffic from the analytics reports. What does this mean? Internal traffic is any traffic from your place of business, home, etc. When users do not filter … Continue reading

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Items to Maintain on Your Homepage Today

You are the proud owner of a CMS website.  That would be Content Management System. Most likely your platform is WordPress, Concrete5 or Drupal.  Your investment in a CMS website should have come with training so you can easily make … Continue reading

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