Post-Lunch Links Coma XVII – Social Media in the Army, E-Commerce, and Pandora

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We here at Evolve Systems will continue to promote social media as one of the best options for businesses to get their name and identity out there. Social media continues to grow as more and more companies and organizations learn to embrace it. For example, the US Army just released their social media handbook.

The new social media handbook now provides additional tips and best practices, along with information on operations security tips, branding information, checklists, regulations and frequently asked questions.

A list of security tips, provided in the handbook, includes points such as:

– Setting privacy setting options to “friends only.”
– Not revealing schedule information and event locations.
– Considering turning off the GPS function of smartphones to avoid geotagging.
– Reviewing photos and videos before they’re posted online to make sure they don’t give away “sensitive” information.
– Making sure family members understand what type of information can and cannot be posted on social networks.

People are using social media. How will your business incorporate this? Will you block social media access to your employees? Or will you allow them the ability to post and tweet as often as they want, provided they are promoting the company as well? Put another way, which has stronger credibility: a mass market promotional piece from PR, or positive word of mouth from trusted friends and associates?

Social media will also help you and your business with your rankings on Google.

Society has “laws”. Google has “guidelines”. Google’s “guidelines” aren’t laws and shouldn’t be considered as such.

Google has total control of each and every aspect of their index. Being included in Google is a right not a privilege and in order to stay in Google’s good graces, your website needs to comply with Google’s guidelines.

Switching gears, do you own or manage an E-commerce website? Here are some features each E-Commerce website should have.

Social Media Presence: Let your customers know that your available on networking sites, by having Social Media Logos on your site, some companies use networking sites as their customer support systems, interacting with their customers for enquires related to their orders. On the other hand some online retailers are only available to contact via networking platforms. Having a good social media presence will boost your online presence and brand.

Finally, Fast Company looks behind the scenes of Pandora and helps explain why Pandora is so successful at creating custom song recommendations based on interests and styles.

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