Apple’s WWDC 2011 and Your Business

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Apple held its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2011 today, revealing all the new software and technological gadgets Apple buyers will be craving in the weeks ahead. For a recap, visit the WWDC 2011 liveblog coverage on Engadget.

When any new piece of technology or software comes out, there are at the least two questions each person and business should ask themselves: 1 – what does this new piece of technology or software do, and 2 – how will it benefit myself or my company?

So, to answer those questions, let’s first look at what Apple revealed today:

OS X Lion

This is the latest iteration of the Apple OS running all their computers. While Apple computers have not been adopted as widespread as Windows computers in the business world, many companies are turning toward them for specific tasks and employees. For example, nearly all of Evolve Systems social media and blog accounts are run through Apple OS X machines, and many of our graphic designers and copywriters work on Apple machines as well. Updating your custom CMS website is incredibly easy using an Apple machine. They are incredibly intuitive and easy to use, and require less of a learning curve than learning a new version of Windows every few years. But what’s so great about Apple’s OS X Lion? It incorporates the latest, fastest technology and user interfaces into one incredibly affordable package.

iOS 5

Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? iOS 5 is what will be running those devices. An incredibly intuitive interface has now been upgraded with new features and options to make your operating experience easier and more enjoyable. More so each day, iPhones and similar phones such as Android are becoming the much needed device in your personal and business life. For years business men and women have synced their calendars to their phones while keeping up to date on the lastest news and industry changes. Yet now we have the ability to install mobile credit card readers on our phones and conduct business transactions without the need of a dedicated payment terminal.


iCloud is the last big announcement from Apple today, and it may revolutionize how we access our data from the cloud. As mentioned above, many have been syncing their calendars to their phones for years. Yet now we can sync nearly every aspect of our devices to our other devices, all wirelessly, all free, and all without even pulling the device from our pocket or laptop bag! iCloud will automatically back up your mobile devices to the online server in the cloud, syncing that data to your laptop, business computer, or anywhere else. This service is just one of many online storage backups designed to prevent you from suffering extreme data loss.

So there is a look at some of the offerings Apple revealed today. Evolve Systems will continue to keep you up to date on current industry technology and software developments, and find ways to help you integrate these new opportunities into your business.

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