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On June 21, Evolve Systems will be hosting a seminar on “Mobile Phone Usage” with guest speaker Leo Ellman. Register today for this free seminar in our Roseville offices. Leo Ellman from Mobile-Link Wireless will discuss what business owners need to know about mobile phone usage. Email seminars@evolve-systems.com to RSVP for this free monthly seminar.

With that out of the way…let us ask you a question:

Is your company on Facebook yet?

It should be. Facebook is the most visited destination on the Internet, meaning nearly every single one of your potential clients or customers is using Facebook. But many companies are not taking the time to properly market themselves on Facebook, nor even have any meaningful presence there. While establishing a profile or fan page on Facebook as a redirect page back to your main website is the bare minimum for effectively using Facebook for your business, there is no reason why your Facebook page cannot be just as important as your main company website. After all, both a Facebook page and your regular website are both websites; the difference between the two is just what you assign to each.

To make your business more effective at using Facebook and marketing on Facebook, Evolve Systems has put together a number of resources to make you more effective at incorporating Facebook into your marketing strategies. For starters, we highly recommend you spend some time using Copyblogger’s The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Marketing. Evolve Systems has recommended this resource to many of our clients, and they have had some wonderful success stories using the tips and insights Copyblogger has provided.

Using Facebook to it’s fullest potential is relatively easy to do, but may take some time and initial planning to really succeed. Establishing goals ahead of time is extremely important. Does it matter more to do you to have a high number of Facebook likes, or have more impressions (eyes on material)? Of course, everyone wants to claim those thousands of potential visitors to their Page and website, but everyone has to start somewhere. Begin building a community on your Facebook page, and use it to not only share information and upcoming events, but also to begin to build friendships and trust through things not related to your business. Show that there is a human being behind the keyboard, one with a sense of humor, one who is not always on the clock.

If you don’t have the time to start up your Facebook page, but know that in the long run you really need one and can learn how to operate it, consider hiring Evolve Systems through one of our Website Maintenance Plans. These plans are designed for your individual needs, helping you build up your company where you need help the most. We’ve helped dozens of companies start their on Facebook pages, as well as Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Yelp accounts, and much more. Evolve System’s Website Maintenance Plan is designed to provide you with the help you need to maintain and manage your website when you are feeling overwhelmed.

We’d highly encourage you to sign up your company on Facebook today, and if you don’t have the time, we’d love to help you do.

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